Believe and Obey

My students found themselves in trouble when they refused to believe what I said.

Kim was in my 3rd grade class, and her brother, Rodney, was in 1st grade. They were in foster care. Unbeknownst to them, my husband and I applied to adopt them. After in depth screening, we were approved to adopt but only one child. (Kim and Rodney eventually joined the family of another couple.)

One day their caseworker was to visit them at school, perhaps take them out to lunch. For some reason, she never showed up nor sent word that she wasn’t coming. Kim was extremely disappointed which led her to break my “automatic swat” playground rule: No throwing things that shouldn’t be thrown. My students understood which things were legal and which were not.

In her anger she threw a stone at someone.

I understood the feeling that motivated her action. I felt sorry for her, but to not keep my word concerning the consequence of her action would be harmful to her.

First, she would no longer trust my word. Second, she would not believe that adverse actions bring adverse consequences. Third, she would not understand that she had the power of choice, even at her young age.

Because of my love for her and respect for keeping my word which was given for everyone‘s protection, Kim received the swat.

Is. 1:15-17 describes adverse actions:
> hands stained with crime
> evil doings
> injustice
> insensitivity toward others

Verse 20 states that if repentance did not occur, the adverse consequences would happen. “You will be devoured (by) the sword…”

What sword? His Word! “…For it was the LORD who spoke.” 1 Chron. 16:12 phrases this as “…the judgments of His mouth.”

Sometimes we learn the hard way–through our own experiences. Sometimes we learn because we observe and heed the experiences of others. How much better just to take a holy God at His Word, just to believe that what He said is as it will be. Matt. 11:29 states”…learn from Me…and you shall find rest for your souls.“ Such learning leads to obedience without painful consequences.

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