A Long Awaited Meal

We were hungry and anxiously waited for our evening meal. Beef steak would be nice. So would lamb–a shoulder and leg– would fit the bill. Finally, a tasty morsel was set before us.

It was incredulous. Had we not performed our duties royally? Were we not deserving of a good meal? Was this a slap-in-the-face? Or was there a new Keeper of the Kitchen who didn’t understand about hefty appetites?

These were the questions going through our minds as we viewed the tiny bit of food. It wasn’t enough to even be an appetizer. Our pride was hurt! We were insulted.

I thought about snatching it up just so we wouldn’t have to look at it anymore, but I didn’t because the others would get angry. I didn’t want them turning on me.

The night of fasting seemed endless. It was as if an invisible force was protecting this food. Our mouths may have been closed, but on the inside we were drooling. We all wanted to roar, “Feed us!” I even wished I could do my own hunting. Anything would be better than this! Instead, we just waited and watched, waited and watched.

At the first sign of daybreak our main concern was, “What’s for breakfast?” We weren’t disappointed. The meager appetizer was withdrawn and full scale entrees were set before us. We were like ravenous beasts, forgetting our manners and table etiquette.

When every bone was picked clean, we decided a nap was in order to make up for our sleepless night. We purred like contented kittens, and upstairs we could hear the sounds of a happy reunion between Daniel and the King. (Daniel 6:17-25)

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