Accepting God’s Plans for My Life – Detours

Sometimes, as we travel down our life path, we come to a roadblock. The path turns in another direction, and we are stunned. Just like the highway department, detour signs were posted, but we always hoped that the problem for the detour would correct itself and life could proceed as usual.

On the detour path we experience different sights, adventures, expectations, acquaintances and new friends. These are all appreciated, but we long for the old, comfortable way.

Unfortunately, sometimes God in His infinite wisdom makes the detour path permanent. The old is left behind, never to be experienced again. How benevolent of Him to give us the ability to remember the good times and friendships that had so enriched our lives.

As today dawns, we may find ourselves traveling on such a road. The detour of divorce, natural disasters, unappreciated efforts, eclipsed relationships, throwaway talents, thwarted dreams, overflow of disappointments, overburdening expectations, underdog mentality, underhanded deeds, reactionary opposition, open rebellion, selfishness and secret motives loom as unwanted obstructions, and detours become necessary.

Children of the Heavenly Father can take comfort that God’s perfect desire will be accomplished even though we can not see clearly. Faith and Trust are the shoulders of this new path that we travel. Prayers of seen and unseen people become the tires to keep us moving in spite of the potholes of adversity and aloneness.

Our desire through long months of difficulty can be: Let God be glorified in our attitude, forgiving spirit and submission to His leading.

A blessing while traveling on such a detour path is: May the Giver (Job 33:15,16) and Fulfiller (Psalm 145:19) of Dreams delight us with many surprises.

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Praying God’s Name and Will for Israel

LORD, You are the Shepherd of Israel(Name: Psalm 80:1). You desire peace for Your people (Will: Ezekiel 34:28).

~Those that live in fear of perhaps being the next victim of a terrorist attack,

~those who are afraid because resources are not enough to provide for basic needs,

~those who are intimidated by verbal threats,

let them turn their eyes and hearts to You.

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Praying God’s Name and Will for Israel

LORD, Your will is that Your people obey You and walk in all the ways that You have commanded in Your word (Will: Jeremiah 7:23). Put a desire in their hearts to read the Tanakh that they may discover Your path of obedience for them as individuals and as a country. You are Director of Our Way (Name: Isaiah 30:21 implied).

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