Love Your Enemies – A Letter from God

Dear Child,

Love your enemies. They teach you about yourself.

Remember your piano teacher? He was constantly telling you to, “Feel your music. Feel what you are playing.” Technically you executed the notes flawlessly but without the excitement that stirred the emotions.

Finally, there was breakthrough. The music you played came alive. It came from your heart, not just your head.

Because of this experience, you are aware of how others play. You have something in common. Your evaluation of their talent and ability as a pianist is based on what is found in you.

Your selection of friends reflects your values. What you esteem in them is common in you.

The same is true of your enemies. I told you in My word that what you condemn in others is also found in you (Romans 2:1). That is your common ground.

When the thought to criticize someone first comes, check yourself. If that offense is found in you, repent. If you have already dealt with that offense, you are aware of what your enemy is feeling. That puts you in a position to specifically pray for them, because you understand.

That kind of attitude pleases Me.


Giver of a Wise and Understanding Heart                                                                                                                                                                                                                      (1 Kings 3:12)

Excerpt from Forgiveness, God-Style

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