Crucifixion and Burial – Part 4

The Dust of Humanity and the Dust of Judgment clung to Jesus’ feet. He made no attempt to shake them off. What might these dusts have represented?

Discouragement. Some of the same people that cried out six days earlier, “Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord,” would no doubt be part of the mob that cried, “Crucify Him.”

Unaccepted. The very people that should have recognized Him didn’t. Instead, they were offended (Mt. 13:57) by His teachings and behavior (Lu. 7:34) and called Him a devil (Mt. 12:24). The Scribes and Pharisees, who were educated in the Bible, should have recognized the Messiah. Instead they plotted how to destroy Him (Mt. 12:14). (Note: Even the evil spirits testified as to His Deity.)

Sorrowful. Knowing that soon He would be abused to the point of being unrecognized and then put to death (Mt. 26:38), His sacrifice would be for all mankind, but not everyone would accept Him.

Troubled. The Temple was to be a house of prayer, but the people made it a den of robbers (Mt. 23:37; Lu. 19:46), and Jesus cast out those selling animals for sacrifices.

Disappointment. Those closest to Him didn’t really know who He was. His Deity was not recognized or accepted. After the great miracle of providing food for over five thousand (Mt. 14:15-21), the disciples didn’t ask Him to repeat that miracle for the four thousand (Mt. 15:32-38).

Unappreciated. Ten lepers were healed. Only one came back to thank Him. Jesus’ words revealed His feeling: Were not all ten cleansed? Where are the other nine? (Lu. 17:17)

Sick in heart because of deferred hope (Pr. 13:12). He looked at Jerusalem and wept. Instead of enjoying a relationship as children of God, they had killed His prophets. Instead of accepting God’s love and protection (Mt. 23:37), they had chosen idol worship.

Tested. Because He went against their traditions, like not healing on the Sabbath, the priests and scholars were always trying to trap Jesus by their questions.

The cross was the altar of sacrifice. The judgment on humanity was satisfied. The body of Jesus was placed in the tomb. And the Dusts settled there.

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