Cross And Tomb – Part 5 of 5

Cross And Tomb. CAT. There is something interesting about these letters. Used with the word ‘scan’, it names a medical device used to examine soft tissue like muscle, blood flow and lesions.

Perhaps the dusts carried to the Cross and Tomb became a spiritual CAT scan. It checks our heart’s condition (muscle), quality of life (blood) and health (lesions).

No one washed the feet of Jesus. Maybe that was God’s intention. In our humanity, we needed a Savior. The judgment of our sinful nature should have been on us, but Jesus took that judgment on Himself instead.

Without the dusts, He could not have been our Propitiation (1 Jn. 4:10). Without the dusts, the achievement of the Sacrificial Lamb (Re. 5:12 implied) would have been lost. Without the dusts, the accomplishment of the Reconciler (Col. 1:20) would not have happened.

I am so grateful that no one washed Jesus’ feet. My alienation from a Holy God was shown in the Dust of Humanity. That spiritual deprivation required payment as shown in the Dust of Judgment. The resurrection of God’s Son left the dusts behind. My separation was buried in His salvation.

One question remains. What does washing the feet of others look like?

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