Arrogance – Another Take

It’s always good to get other viewpoints on situations. Here is Heaven’s Take on Arrogance.

Angel 2:     Angel 1, whatever are you doing?

Angel 1:     I’m practicing my trembling.

Angel 2:     Trembling? You have nothing for which to tremble.

Angel 1:     I know that. I just want to experience what humans will feel when they encounter God’s wrath on them for calling Him a liar.

Angel 2:     Oooo! I see what you mean. But, wait. I don’t remember hearing people call God a liar.

Angel 1:     Angel 2, have you never heard humans say, “Your actions speak so loud, I can’t hear what you are saying.”?

Angel 2:     Well, I may have heard that. I just never thought much about it. After all, a lot of what they say is idle talk.

Angel 1:     True enough, but this is a meaningful statement.

Angel 2:     Okay, but give me an example.

Angel 1:     Sure thing. Take the people already living in the land that God promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Israelites didn’t want to see   anyone – enemies, I’ll call them – living there. They just wanted to move in and enjoy the benefits of the land.

Angel 2:     Yes, I believe you are correct in that observation.

Angel 1:     But they didn’t realize that the enemies were serving God’s purpose.

Angel 2:     Correct. God never acts randomly. He always has a purpose – actually many purposes – in everything He says or does.

Angel 1:     Right. Take, for example, the land. If people weren’t living there, fields now cultivated would be covered in weeds. That would add extra work for the Israelites and delay food production.

Angel 2:     And what about the fruit trees and grape vines?

Angel 1:     Excellent point. Without proper pruning they would simply grow wild. Not much fruit would be harvested.

Angel 2:     I have another example. Wild animals (De. 7:22). Without humans to keep their population in check, these animals would create a big safety issue for the Israelites.

Angel 1:     Very good illustration. How about the water supply? Without the human enemies, there would be no wells to provide clean drinking water. Then they would complain about that. (Pause) I can just imagine them walking around, striking rocks like Moses did and expecting water to gush out (Ex. 17:6)

Angel 2:     (Chuckles) And how about the lakes and rivers? Without cleaning out debris from floods, the health of fish could be affected.

Angel 1:     So, do you see why trembling is in their future?

Angel 2:     Well…

Angel 1:     Their actions. Think about their actions.

Angel 2:     Oh. Their action was not to enter the Promised Land.

Angel 1:     Yes, and why not?

Angel 2:     They didn’t believe God would take care of them. You know, keep them safe.

Angel 1:     And did God promise to keep them safe?

Angel 2:     Of course. God said He would go ahead of them. He even said He would drive out before them the nations living in the Promised Land (Ex. 34:11,24).

Angel 1:     So? Do you agree that the Israelites, in turning their backs on entering the Promised Land, showed they didn’t believe what God said?

Angel 2:     Yes, I do.

Angel 1:     Then I rest my case. Their decision actually called God a liar.

Angel 2:     (Long pause) I see.               (Both angels tremble)



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