Creation – Another Take

The Board Room

“Is everything ready for our next and best creation?” spoke the Chairman of the Board.

“Yes,” H.S. answered. “Everything needed for the success of this new product has been put into motion. Nothing has been left undone.”

“Son?” the Chairman asked. “What are your thoughts?”

“Certainly, this will be a most unique and elaborate creation, and, in many respects, our finest.” The words came slowly, contemplatively. “But we know our competitor. Although he won’t be able to copy this product, he will do everything in his power to destroy it.”

H.S. nodded. “True. His attack will be fierce, ruthless and unswerving. He is out to destroy us, and this new line will be a pawn in his hands.”

The Son answered, “This product will be abused, compromised, manipulated, trashed and violated. Its very purpose will be attacked. It will be all-out war.”

There was a hush around the polished olive wood table. Then the Son continued. “To preserve the integrity of this new line will cost me everything.” He glanced around the board room. Gold glistened everywhere from the letters on the cypress door ‘Creations Unlimited’, to the lamp stands to the various articles around the room. Everything was in pristine condition and made from the finest quality materials. Its beauty was unsurpassed.

Waving his right hand he said, “I will have to leave all this. I’ll have to step into the marketplace in order to save the honor and intent of this line. Our enemy will do whatever it takes to destroy my reputation and my mission. Even who I am will be questioned.”

The Chairman spoke kindly, “Son, you won’t be gone long.”

H.S. interjected, “I’ll be there with you. Together we will protect our trademark and good name. After you leave I’ll continue working in the marketplace to redeem and repair those that are broken. I’ll set up centers, call technicians and train them with the knowledge for restoring the products that have lost their identity.”

“What about it, Son?”

“I only want to do what pleases you, regardless of the cost.”

“Then it’s settled,” the Chairman said. They stood in unison and walked toward the door as if they were one. “Let us make man in our image.”

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