Death of a Child – Another Take

Based on 1 Kings 14

Voice 1:     If he recovers, what kind of future awaits him?

Voice 2:     He will follow the evil ways of his father. There is no one to show him a different way to live.

Voice 3:     His ability to accomplish good will not be recognized and nurtured. His life as an adult will not be fulfilling. Even if he tried to do well,      there  will be no one to mentor him. The ways of society will be too strong for one man to fight against. He is already doomed.

Voice 1:     What if he came to live with us?

Voice 2:     That would be a merciful thing to do. Then his illness would be addressed in the best possible way.

Voice 3:     His parents will surely oppose such a decision.

Voice 1:     But we have the power and authority behind us. They will have no say in the matter.

Voice 2:     I do take pity on this lad. He would have a better life with us.

Voice 3:     It’s settled then?

Voice 2:     The lad’s mother has an appointment today with our spokesman concerning her son’s illness.

Voice 1:     Very well. Inform Mr. Ahijah that the child known as Abijah, son of Jeroboam, King of Israel, will be removed from his house this day.

Voice 3:     The mother will be devastated.

Voice 1:     Nevertheless, we can provide for the lad better than she and her husband can.

Voice 3:     Mr. Ahijah’s words will sustain her as she and the lad’s father make funeral arrangements.

Voice 2:     A place is already prepared for Abijah.



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