Depression with a Capital “D”

Have you or someone you care about experienced clinical Depression? They live in such a different and dark world.

~Walk the path where death holds more promise than life.

~Experience the hell of hopelessness.

~Feel self-worth slowly disintegrate into bits and pieces, leaving a hollow existence.

~Eat the fruit of failure.

~Drink the water of worthlessness.

~Travel in the deep valley of clinical Depression.

~Crawl into bed mentally, emotionally and physically drained.

~Sleep on the mattress of misery and dream of unattainable goals.

~Awake and wonder, “Where is God?”

Read How to Kill Your Giants, One at a Time Volume 1 Depression. Find out how one person after 14 years of living in this state of mind is now able to say that painful memories are healing, behavior patterns are changing and a joy that permeates her whole being is establishing itself.

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