In His Arms

The church was crowded. The older couple and 4-year-old child sat on the front pew – not their usual place.

The congregation was asked to stand. We did. That’s when the man bent down taking his granddaughter in his arms. Standing again, the little girl’s head cradled his right shoulder, and her arms hugged his neck.

Raising her head she looked at the people that had been sitting behind her. Tightening her grip around the older man’s neck, a contented smile crossed her face.She was safe in Grandfather’s arms. Elevated so her view was clear and expanded, she could see what had been hidden. All this was possible because this gentleman demonstrated his love for her.

I wonder. Did this same scene play out when Jesus took the children in His arms, laid hands on them and blessed them?

Every artist rendition that I have seen of this episode shows Jesus seated and the children sitting on his lap or standing by His knees. And this could be true, but it doesn’t show them in His arms as recorded in Mark 10:16.

I like to think that, after an exceptionally trying time, the Lord picks me up. With strong arms of safety and comfort, I look back over the path I just crossed. Lifted to a higher level, I have a better view of where I had been.

What may have frightened me…

What may have confused me…

What may have troubled me…

…is of no consequence now. I am in the arms of my Father (Deuteronomy 1:31).  I am secure and satisfied.