Why? – Final Part 3

Adam and Eve,

I am Fear. You wasted life. You exchanged the Tree of Life for death. You exchanged reverential fear for the fetters of fear. Fear that will loom over you, engulf you and control you. Fear that brings death to your emotional well-being. Fear that attacks your hope,fellowship with your creator, peace of mind. “Scared to death’ will be a familiar phrase.

I am Language. Your tongue is my instrument. You listened to the foreign words of the Tempter, and now your tongue is split.

  • Your mouth will speak truth and lies.
  • Your words will bring healing and hurts.
  • Your voice inflection will bring favor and fright.
  • Your speech will express thoughts of obedience and disobedience.
  • Your vocabulary will build up and tear down.
  • Your grammar will imply agreement and argument.
  • Your body language will show respect and disrespect.

I am Death. You introduced me into the world, and I am sticking to you like glue. Out of me comes life. Out of me is birthed Fear. Out of Fear will be many off-springs. Emotional Giants that you – on your own – won’t be able to control. Thank you, Adam and Eve, for my induction into the Hall of Pain.

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Why? – Part 2

Adam and Eve, why did you squander life? You sinned, and we became your cover-up. You plucked us off our tree. That was sure death for us. You sewed us together that you might have temporary clothing. What good are fig leaf garments? Why weren’t you content with what God provided for you? Your act of eating the forbidden fruit exposed the attitude of your heart. You were left naked, vulnerable. Why?

Adam and Eve, why didn’t you respect God’s command? Your disobedience cost us our lives. Our blood – our life – was spilled out so you could have a more permanent covering for your bodies. No longer are we free to enjoy God’s world. Because of your action, our life-style now includes fear. Fear of people waiting to kill us for our meat and skins. Fear of other animals who will fight us for food. Why? Was wanting your own way worth it? Not to us, the animals!


Adam and Eve, the beauty and benefits of me – Garden of Eden – were lost because of your willful disobedience of God’s instruction. You changed the reason I was created. Your stubbornness to live life YOUR way introduced fear. My trees were meant to provide you with food and shade. You changed it into a place for hiding because you were afraid to be seen by God. Why?

Why? – Part 1

Adam and Eve, why did you listen to Satan? You listened. You obeyed. You made Satan your god. Why? Did he form your beautiful bodies? Did he give you the exceptional power of words that you could name all the animals? Did he provide this beautiful garden for your resting place? Did he give you life? NO to all the questions, yet you obeyed his voice. Why?

Eve, why didn’t you turn away from seduction? Your act of disobedience made God your enemy. Adam, you disobeyed God’s word your eyes wide open. Check out the consequences of your willful¬† decision.

I am soil. Because of your disobedience, your action brought a curse on me. Now the growing strength of my soil goes to weeds, thorns and thistles instead of food for you to eat.

I am tree. Why were you not content with fruit from 99% of the trees in the Garden of Eden? We provided a beautiful sight and sweet, tasty food. Why did you hate us? Now we must fight for the nutrients we receive from the soil. Now our leaves will discover death. Now our trunks will be cut down for burning. Burning to cook food. Burning to provide warmth. Worse yet, cut down so idols will be carved and God’s Son will be crucified. Why?

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