Why? – Part 1

Adam and Eve, why did you listen to Satan? You listened. You obeyed. You made Satan your god. Why? Did he form your beautiful bodies? Did he give you the exceptional power of words that you could name all the animals? Did he provide this beautiful garden for your resting place? Did he give you life? NO to all the questions, yet you obeyed his voice. Why?

Eve, why didn’t you turn away from seduction? Your act of disobedience made God your enemy. Adam, you disobeyed God’s word your eyes wide open. Check out the consequences of your willful  decision.

I am soil. Because of your disobedience, your action brought a curse on me. Now the growing strength of my soil goes to weeds, thorns and thistles instead of food for you to eat.

I am tree. Why were you not content with fruit from 99% of the trees in the Garden of Eden? We provided a beautiful sight and sweet, tasty food. Why did you hate us? Now we must fight for the nutrients we receive from the soil. Now our leaves will discover death. Now our trunks will be cut down for burning. Burning to cook food. Burning to provide warmth. Worse yet, cut down so idols will be carved and God’s Son will be crucified. Why?

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