Being an enthusiastic student of the Bible, I realized the importance of discovering the Jewishness of the Tanakh (Old Testament). So for over six years I have attended a wonderful Messianic Congregation. My pastor and his wife are Jewish. They grew up with the customs, practices and language of their people. I have been blessed as insights and interpretations, that can only come from a Jew, have flavored my Biblical understanding.

Yesterday was the Jewish holiday called Purim. It is a yearly commemoration of how beautifully God worked in behalf of the Jews. The account can be found in the book of Esther.

They have a tradition that really needs to be changed. Whenever the name “Haman” is said, people boo and twirl the groggers. I know why they do this. Haman was the enemy.

As only God could do, events were woven together on His timetable. The result? God’s principle, “You reap what you sow” took effect. Haman’s scheming to destroy the Jews fell on him and his ten sons.

When people react to Haman by their booing and noise-making, they show shortsightedness. Instead, when Haman’s name is mentioned people should praise God for His deliverance. After all, if there were  no Haman, God’s love for His people would not have needed displaying.

Yes, definately this Jewish tradition of booing Haman’s name needs to change. Sift focus. Praise God instead. After all, without God Haman would have won. Give credit where credit is due. Recognize the Defeater not the defeated.

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