Why? – Final Part 3

Adam and Eve,

I am Fear. You wasted life. You exchanged the Tree of Life for death. You exchanged reverential fear for the fetters of fear. Fear that will loom over you, engulf you and control you. Fear that brings death to your emotional well-being. Fear that attacks your hope,fellowship with your creator, peace of mind. “Scared to death’ will be a familiar phrase.

I am Language. Your tongue is my instrument. You listened to the foreign words of the Tempter, and now your tongue is split.

  • Your mouth will speak truth and lies.
  • Your words will bring healing and hurts.
  • Your voice inflection will bring favor and fright.
  • Your speech will express thoughts of obedience and disobedience.
  • Your vocabulary will build up and tear down.
  • Your grammar will imply agreement and argument.
  • Your body language will show respect and disrespect.

I am Death. You introduced me into the world, and I am sticking to you like glue. Out of me comes life. Out of me is birthed Fear. Out of Fear will be many off-springs. Emotional Giants that you – on your own – won’t be able to control. Thank you, Adam and Eve, for my induction into the Hall of Pain.

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