Love Letter – A Different Take

“I fell in love with you early on. It pleased me to make you part of my family. I provided a special place for you to call home. I pampered you, took you in my arms, and offered healing and comfort to you. I was bound to you by love. I offered you my very best.

“But you rejected me. You turned away from my expectations. You said they were too cumbersome. You ignored me. You gave your affections to others who offered nothing in return. They did not have your best interest at heart.

“How can I give you up? How can I pretend you do not exist? How can I abandon you forever? How can I forget my love for you?

“I can’t. I will still look for you. I will still call you. I know that someday you will return to me. I know that you will finally come to your senses and return to my home prepared just for you.

“How I long to have you back. How I long to have you return my love.”

Who said this?

~A parent?

~A husband or wife?

~A jilted lover?

No. It was God speaking about His feelings for Israel. (Based on Hosea 11)