Month of Prayers for Your Clergy – Day 8

October is Ministry/Clergy Appreciation Month. What better way to show your gratitude than to pray for those in charge. Pray God’s name and word back to Him. That delights Him.

Pastor’s Soul (Will)

Isaiah 43:13:…I am (God). No one can deliver out of My hand. When I act, who can reverse it?

Isaiah 55:11: So is My word that goes out from My (LORD) mouth. It will not return to Me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

Psalm 135:6: LORD Who Does Whatever Pleases Him

Isaiah 60:22 implied: Controller of Time

How to pray: As events unfold, pray that Pastor is able to see them in light of God’s will being accomplished.

Prayer/Blessing for you, the pray-er:

You are Fulfiller of the Desires of Those Who Fear You (Psalm 145:19). My wish this day is to live according to Your will, not mine, to be a good ambassador of Your kingdom and to bless You in thought, word and deed.

Praying God’s Name and Will for Israel

LORD, Your word says not to recall or consider what happened in the past, because You are about to do something new (Will: Isaiah 43:18,19). Let Your people look forward with joy and anticipation as to how You will work in their behalf. Let their hope for peace not be deferred for that sickens the heart, but let their desires based on Your will be a tree of life to Israel (Proverbs 13:12). You are God of the Impossible (Name: Genesis 18:14 implied).

Praying God’s Name and Will for Israel

LORD, You are Path Maker (Name: Isaiah 43:16). As Your children travel through waters of weeping, streams of stressful conditions, fire of burning insults and flames of prejudice, remind them that You are with them, that they are not to fear (Will: Isaiah 43:2,3). Let them see the road that You provide. Let them always keep their eyes on You, looking to see how You glorify Yourself and benefit themĀ  in the midst of their troubled times.