Love Letter – A Different Take

“I fell in love with you early on. It pleased me to make you part of my family. I provided a special place for you to call home. I pampered you, took you in my arms, and offered healing and comfort to you. I was bound to you by love. I offered you my very best.

“But you rejected me. You turned away from my expectations. You said they were too cumbersome. You ignored me. You gave your affections to others who offered nothing in return. They did not have your best interest at heart.

“How can I give you up? How can I pretend you do not exist? How can I abandon you forever? How can I forget my love for you?

“I can’t. I will still look for you. I will still call you. I know that someday you will return to me. I know that you will finally come to your senses and return to my home prepared just for you.

“How I long to have you back. How I long to have you return my love.”

Who said this?

~A parent?

~A husband or wife?

~A jilted lover?

No. It was God speaking about His feelings for Israel. (Based on Hosea 11)


Praying God’s Name and Will for Israel

LORD, You are the Shepherd of Israel(Name: Psalm 80:1). You desire peace for Your people (Will: Ezekiel 34:28).

~Those that live in fear of perhaps being the next victim of a terrorist attack,

~those who are afraid because resources are not enough to provide for basic needs,

~those who are intimidated by verbal threats,

let them turn their eyes and hearts to You.

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Praying God’s Name and Will for Israel

LORD, Your will is that Your people obey You and walk in all the ways that You have commanded in Your word (Will: Jeremiah 7:23). Put a desire in their hearts to read the Tanakh that they may discover Your path of obedience for them as individuals and as a country. You are Director of Our Way (Name: Isaiah 30:21 implied).

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Praying God’s Name and Will for Israel

LORD, You said for the sake of Your name You would never abandon Your people – the people that You chose (Will: 1 Samuel 12:22). Call Israel to repentance. Your name is Holy (Name:Leviticus 19:2), and You are Watcher over the Way of the Righteous (Name: Psalm 1:6). You cannot bless those individuals or countries who turn away from following You. Thank You for Your promise that if we seek You with a willing mind and wholehearted devotion, You would be available to us (Will: 1 Chronicles 28:9).

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Praying God’s Name and Will for Israel

LORD, Your word says not to recall or consider what happened in the past, because You are about to do something new (Will: Isaiah 43:18,19). Let Your people look forward with joy and anticipation as to how You will work in their behalf. Let their hope for peace not be deferred for that sickens the heart, but let their desires based on Your will be a tree of life to Israel (Proverbs 13:12). You are God of the Impossible (Name: Genesis 18:14 implied).

Praying God’s Name and Will for Israel

You are Lord Who Gives Wisdom (Name: Proverbs 2:6). Give Israel’s leaders a strong desire to seek Your wisdom. Give them discernment beyond their understanding that much trouble would be avoided. Reveal the secrets of the darkness that Your people might be rescued. Let them not trust in their own understanding but only in You. Let them know when to speak and when to keep still. Let their trust and confidence be in You (Will: Psalm 115:9) for that will release them from fear of hostile men and troubled situations.

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Praying God’s Name and Will for Israel

LORD, You are Path Maker (Name: Isaiah 43:16). As Your children travel through waters of weeping, streams of stressful conditions, fire of burning insults and flames of prejudice, remind them that You are with them, that they are not to fear (Will: Isaiah 43:2,3). Let them see the road that You provide. Let them always keep their eyes on You, looking to see how You glorify Yourself and benefit them  in the midst of their troubled times.

Praying God’s Name and Will for Israel

LORD, as tensions mount between Israel and its enemies, let Israel’s leaders remember that You are God Who Drives Out the Enemy Before You (Name: Deuteronomy 33:27). Let them wait with calmness and confidence (Will: Isaiah 30:15). Remind them that Your weapons are limitless: flies & bees (Is. 7:18); painful sores (1 Sam. 5:6);panic (1 Sam. 7:10); confusion (Jud. 7:22); blindness (2 Kings 6:18); lack of sleep (Esther 6:1); drought (Hag. 1:11); floods (Gen. 7:4,10).

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Praying God’s Name and Will for Israel

You are a God deserving of our reverential fear. Give us a spirit of repentance that all may pursue righteousness (Will: Proverbs 15:9) and serve You with single mind and fervent heart. Sins hidden in darkness are not concealed from You. Darkness and light are the same to You (Psalm 139:12). Be our Examiner (Name: Job 7:18) and Deliverer (Psalm 79:9) for the sake of Your great name.

Praying God’s Name and Will for Israel

LORD, You told of a future time when Jerusalem would be a city without walls (Zechariah 2:4). You said You would be a Wall of Fire   all around it, and Your glory would be inside it (Name and Will: Zechariah 2:5). Let the accomplishments of Your people be recognized as Your doing. Prepare their hearts to receive Your word for what You have spoken, You will accomplish (Ezekiel 36:36).