How Did You Feel…? – Part 1 of 5

How did you feel, O Earth…

when your Maker walked on your paths? Did you control your trembling because you wanted to be steady and solid for the Master’s feet? Did you cry because your paths were hard by years of travelers? Did you wish your roads were straighter so Christ could be saved those extra steps?

How did you feel, O Stones…

when you had to remain silent as Jesus made His final journey to Jerusalem? Did you resent the multitude robbing you of your opportunity to acknowledge the King that came in the name of the LORD? Did you know that their praise would turn into a curse – Crucify Him?

How did you feel, O Alabaster Box…

when your content of precious ointment of spikenard was poured out? Did you feel badly that you were now empty? Or did you rejoice that you held the perfume bestowed on the Savior’s head? Now broken, no longer usable, did you feel a kinship to Jesus who would be broken for people? Broken by surrendering His wants and will to His Father just as your owner broke you? Broken that your contents may be poured out just like Jesus’ blood poured out for people’s redemption?



Praying God’s Name and Will for Israel

You are Covenant Maker (Name: Genesis 9:12). Speaking about Jerusalem, You said that You will defend and save this city for your sake and for the sake of your servant David (Will: Isaiah 37:35). You also stated that if Your people would obey Your rules and observe them carefully, You, LORD, would faithfully maintain the covenant that You made on oaths to their forefathers (Will: Deuteronomy 7:12). Bring to Your people’s remembrance Your commands that their obedience would result in their blessings but, more importantly, that Your name would be glorified. Let there be no dividing of Jerusalem.