When I was a young girl growing up in the pre-television days, I enjoyed listening to a radio show called “The Shadow Knows.” To the best of my recollection, the Shadow was a private investigator who solved crimes with his interpretation of mysterious clues.

This was a good program. The bad thing was that it ended past my bedtime. The nice thing about a 2-story house was that I could sneak halfway down the stairs and still hear the finish.

Once when I wanted to take a picture of my fourth dog, I captured her standing in my shadow. Bright sunlight was all around, but Honey Girl was unaffected. She kept her eyes on me.

I wonder if that is what God intended when He gave numerous Scriptures about shadow and shade. Many are recorded in Psalms.

I can picture Shepherd David sitting on a small hill. It’s late afternoon and shadows are lengthening. He is alert to possible predators because shadows not only provide shade for the sheep in its path but also camouflage for drooling animals.

The longer the shadow, the more protection given and needed.

Isaiah 49:2 tells me that I am hid in the shadow of the Lord’s hand. David records it as God being his help, and in the shadow of God’s wings he shouts for joy (Psalm 63). Certainly God, if I allow Him, gives me refuge in His shadow until danger passes (Psalm 57) – from the wicked who would rob me and mortal enemies who encircle me (Psalm 17). I am not destroyed or blinded by their presence or actions, because my eyes are fixed on God.

Just as people placed loved ones who needed healing in the path of Peter so that his shadow might fall on them (Acts 5)…just as Israel was to revive those people who sat in its shade (Hosea 14)…so I, also, am shade to those in my path. As I bask in the sunlight of God’s presence, so my shadow should provide comfort, joy and protection to others – even my enemies!

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