The Rest of the Story – Who Was the True Hero?

In 2 Kings 5 we are told the story of Namaan, a Syrian captain, who was a leper. He heard that the prophet Elisha could healĀ  him. So, with his king’s permission, this important man placed himself in a humbling position by traveling to Samaria to ask for that healing.

Elisha’s words, “Go wash yourself seven times in the Jordan River” must have seemed like a slap on the face. Fortunately, his traveling companions were wiser than Namaan. At their urging he relented and did as he was commanded.

With gratitude and a new vision of the one true God, Namaan returned home free of leprosy. His obedience had paid off.

But who was the true hero? Namaan? He was seeking gain for himself. His companions? They were showing their loyalty to their friend. Elisha? He was doing his God-directed job. Who then?

The unsung hero was a little Israelite girl. Taken from her home, family, friends, heritage – everything that was familiar and dear to her – she became a servant to Namaan’s wife. Her childhood, that should have been carefree, was left behind, replaced with doing the wishes of another person, growing up in a place where she didn’t belong, living in a culture strange to her. How alone and lonely she must have felt!

This insignificant child, a spoil of war, displayed no bitterness, no unforgiveness, no anger, no depression, no running away. In spite of idolatry all around her, she didn’t lose faith in her God. Instead, she shared Him with her captor. Even at her young age, she recognized that the true hostage wasn’t herself. It was Namaan.

She was the courageous one. She displayed unshakable faith despite possible ridicule. She made the most of her unpleasant situation, realizing that God had missionary work for her to do. She refused to allow the hopelessness of her circumstances to become a stumbling block. Instead, she climbed the faith mountain in recognition and adoration for her one, true God, bringing with her Namaan’s family and all those he influenced.

What was her name? We aren’t told, but she is known for what she did. In a few generations, people won’t know our names either, but the works and deeds we do today will circle our part of the earth with lasting effects.

Undoubtedly, this unselfish girl was the true hero – a giant in heart and spirit, not seeking her own gain but placing others ahead of herself.

How proud of her God must have been in order to immortalize this true worshiper in His Word!

Note: She is a classic example of how God expects us to forgive. Her attitude was accompanied with God’s healing of all the bad thoughts and feelings that she experienced in her new life. Read more about this subject inĀ Forgiveness, God-Style by B. L. Wade on E-book and paperback are both available.

Praying God’s Name and Will for Israel

LORD, Your will is that Your people obey You and walk in all the ways that You have commanded in Your word (Will: Jeremiah 7:23). Put a desire in their hearts to read the Tanakh that they may discover Your path of obedience for them as individuals and as a country. You are Director of Our Way (Name: Isaiah 30:21 implied).

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