How Did You Feel…? Part 2 of 5

How did you feel, O Garden of Gethsemane…

when your Creator entered, fell on your ground and prayed in deep agony? Your trees and shrubs were to give a quiet resting place to your visitors, but now you are gripped in an atmosphere of great mental death pangs and bathed in His sorrowful sweat. How did you feel when heaven’s answer to Jesus’ first prayer was an angelic visitor? Did you grieve because the answer to His prayer, “If You are willing, remove this cup from me,” was “It is not My will.”?

How did you feel Peter, James and John…

when you succumbed to pleasing your flesh with sleep instead of carrying your cross by heeding Jesus’ words, “Watch with Me…”? Did you feel remorse when you remembered that you offered Him no comfort for the heavy burden of His coming sacrifice of death for you?

Part 1: How did you feel, O Earth, O Stones, O Alabaster Box blogged 3/27/13