Part the Red Sea, Please – Another Take

The Israelites, following God’s instructions, were camped by the Red Sea (Exodus 14:21, 22). Pharaoh’s army was in hot pursuit of Egypt’s departed slaves. Traveling to and reaching the Promised Land seemed to be in jeopardy. But God! He caused a strong wind to part the waters and dry up the river bed. Crossing was then easy.

So it is when I approach God in my morning devotions. My mind is muddled with the demands of the day. I pray, “God, part the Red Sea for me.” He does. My concerns are pushed back and, in ease, I cross to where God is. We visit. He shares His thoughts and desires. I listen and comply. When our special quiet time is over, I look back to the standing sea. The waters close in.

So it was with the Israelites. Standing on the other side of the Red Sea, God released the walls of water, trapping the enemy who had marched on the same river bed path.No more enemies. No returning to the land of slavery. They were now free to move forward.

Same with me. The enemies that would thwart my purpose to live life, God-style, I no longer see. No slave to yesterday’s disappointments. No fear for tomorrow’s failures. Today, I move forward, content to march to the rhythm of discovering unfolding promises and unexpected delights.

Arrogance – Another Take

It’s always good to get other viewpoints on situations. Here is Heaven’s Take on Arrogance.

Angel 2:     Angel 1, whatever are you doing?

Angel 1:     I’m practicing my trembling.

Angel 2:     Trembling? You have nothing for which to tremble.

Angel 1:     I know that. I just want to experience what humans will feel when they encounter God’s wrath on them for calling Him a liar.

Angel 2:     Oooo! I see what you mean. But, wait. I don’t remember hearing people call God a liar.

Angel 1:     Angel 2, have you never heard humans say, “Your actions speak so loud, I can’t hear what you are saying.”?

Angel 2:     Well, I may have heard that. I just never thought much about it. After all, a lot of what they say is idle talk.

Angel 1:     True enough, but this is a meaningful statement.

Angel 2:     Okay, but give me an example.

Angel 1:     Sure thing. Take the people already living in the land that God promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Israelites didn’t want to see   anyone – enemies, I’ll call them – living there. They just wanted to move in and enjoy the benefits of the land.

Angel 2:     Yes, I believe you are correct in that observation.

Angel 1:     But they didn’t realize that the enemies were serving God’s purpose.

Angel 2:     Correct. God never acts randomly. He always has a purpose – actually many purposes – in everything He says or does.

Angel 1:     Right. Take, for example, the land. If people weren’t living there, fields now cultivated would be covered in weeds. That would add extra work for the Israelites and delay food production.

Angel 2:     And what about the fruit trees and grape vines?

Angel 1:     Excellent point. Without proper pruning they would simply grow wild. Not much fruit would be harvested.

Angel 2:     I have another example. Wild animals (De. 7:22). Without humans to keep their population in check, these animals would create a big safety issue for the Israelites.

Angel 1:     Very good illustration. How about the water supply? Without the human enemies, there would be no wells to provide clean drinking water. Then they would complain about that. (Pause) I can just imagine them walking around, striking rocks like Moses did and expecting water to gush out (Ex. 17:6)

Angel 2:     (Chuckles) And how about the lakes and rivers? Without cleaning out debris from floods, the health of fish could be affected.

Angel 1:     So, do you see why trembling is in their future?

Angel 2:     Well…

Angel 1:     Their actions. Think about their actions.

Angel 2:     Oh. Their action was not to enter the Promised Land.

Angel 1:     Yes, and why not?

Angel 2:     They didn’t believe God would take care of them. You know, keep them safe.

Angel 1:     And did God promise to keep them safe?

Angel 2:     Of course. God said He would go ahead of them. He even said He would drive out before them the nations living in the Promised Land (Ex. 34:11,24).

Angel 1:     So? Do you agree that the Israelites, in turning their backs on entering the Promised Land, showed they didn’t believe what God said?

Angel 2:     Yes, I do.

Angel 1:     Then I rest my case. Their decision actually called God a liar.

Angel 2:     (Long pause) I see.               (Both angels tremble)


Praying God’s Name and Will for Israel

When the Israelites first viewed the Promised Land, they saw giants (Numbers 13). They forgot the LORD who had miraculously delivered them from Egypt (Numbers 14). Today Your people face the wicked giants of hatred, anger, accusations, apostasy, fear and ignorance. Open their eyes that they may seek and serve You with whole-hearted devotion (Will: 1 Chronicles 28:9). You are LORD Who Saves from the Hands of the Wicked (Name: Jeremiah 15:21).