Month of Prayers for Your Clergy – Day 28

October is Ministry/Clergy Appreciation Month. What better way to show your appreciation and support than to pray for those in charge.

Pastor’s Soul (Mind)

Psalm 119:66: Teach me knowledge and good judgment (good sense and knowledge) for I believe (put my trust) in Your commands (commandments).

Zechariah 7:12 implied: LORD Who Honors a Teachable Spirit

How to pray:

~that Pastor continues in wisdom to apply what he has learned from studying God’s word;

~that, as Pastor deals with people, God-given wisdom would help him offer the best advice;

~that, as Pastor deals with various situations, he will have the knowledge to see the big picture;

~that Pastor not be discouraged when people refuse to obtain available help through his mentoring.

Prayer/Blessing for you, the pray-er

Jesus/Yeshua, You are my Advocate/Contender (1 John 2:1 implied; Isaiah 49:25 implied). Give me a sensitivity to the needs of people around me this day. Show me how to help them, how to speak words of comfort, so that I might follow Your example.

Month of Prayers for Your Clergy – Day 7

October is Ministry/Clergy Appreciation Month. What better way to show your gratitude than to pray for those in charge. Pray God’s name and word back to Him. He takes great delight in that.

Pastor’s Soul (Mind)

Ecclesiastes 8:6:…there is a proper time and procedure for every matter.

1 Corinthians 14:40: But everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way.

Genesis 1 as implied in creation and Exodus 25-30 as implied in the building of the Tabernacle: God of Order

How to pray:

~that Pastor’s thoughts and actions be based on God’s wisdom;

~that his thoughts enable Pastor to express spiritual truths in spiritual words (1 Corinthians 2:13);

~that Pastor be alert to creative solutions to problems (seeing God’s point of view);

~that Pastor analyze the logical outcome of set procedures in accordance to God’s will.

Prayer/Blessing for you, the pray-er:

Victory comes with much planning (Proverbs 11:14). The things that need to be accomplished today I entrust to You, LORD Who Gives Success to (My) Plans (Proverbs 16:3 implied).

Month of Prayers for your Clergy – Day 3

October is Ministry/Clergy Appreciation Month. What better way to show your gratitude than to pray for those in charge. Praying back to God His word and His name delights Him.

Pastor’s Prayer Life:

Jeremiah 33:3: Call to Me (LORD) and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.

Daniel 2:47 implied: Revealer of Secrets and Mysteries

How to pray: that time spent with the Lord would be exciting as Holy Spirit guides your pastor in discovering new truths and deeper interpretations of God’s word.

Prayer/Blessing for you, the pray-er:

May my love for You and obedience to Your word be contagious to those around me that they may desire a deeper knowledge of You, Giver of a Wise and Discerning Heart (1 Kings 3:12)

So, You Think You Have It Hard? – Another Take

Jesus took on the job of becoming a permanent, once-for-all sacrifice. He set His face forward. He didn’t look around heaven and say, “Mine! Mine!” In His divine nature He didn’t turn away from all the hardships to claim special or equal treatment with the words, ‘What about Me? Don’t My wants and desires count?”

Instead, He made the sacrifices before becoming the ultimate sacrifice. How hard would making these adjustments have been?

~Jesus, the Creator (Is. 42), lowered Himself to live with the creation.

~Jesus, pure Wisdom (Jude 25), lived with mortals that sometimes lacked common sense let alone wisdom.

~Jesus, who is Love (Ps. 119:76),  chose to live among parents and siblings who – at times – would show each other anything but love.

~Jesus, who exercises true and perfect Justice (Ps. 98:9), permitted Himself to be subject to the imperfect rules of Mary and Joseph.

~Jesus, Reader of Thoughts and Heart Motives (Je. 17), elected to abide by His earthly parent’s decisions when their knowledge was so severely limited.

~Jesus, inventor of Authority (1 Chr. 29:11) and Commander of even Winds and Waves (Mt. 8:27), placed Himself under the commands and expectations of mere earthlings.

~Jesus, who is the Word (Jn. 1:1), at the age of 12 put aside the pleasure of revealing the meaning of the Scripture to return to the mundane chores of mortal life.

~Jesus, who spoke trees into existence (Ge. 1), permitted Joseph to teach Him the art of carpentry.

~Jesus, who hung the world on His word and will, gave His consent to hang on a cross.

~Jesus, who sits at the right hand of God (He. 10:11,12), had no place to lay His head (Lu. 9:58).

~Jesus, who owns everything (Ps. 50), deprived Himself of food and comfort so He could pray for and minister to lost souls.

~Jesus, who is our Friend (Jn. 15:15), had no earthly friends of equal caliber.

In light of this, I guess we don’t really have it so hard! Thank you, Jesus, for being the epitome of unselfishness.

Praying God’s Name and Will for Israel

You are Lord Who Gives Wisdom (Name: Proverbs 2:6). Give Israel’s leaders a strong desire to seek Your wisdom. Give them discernment beyond their understanding that much trouble would be avoided. Reveal the secrets of the darkness that Your people might be rescued. Let them not trust in their own understanding but only in You. Let them know when to speak and when to keep still. Let their trust and confidence be in You (Will: Psalm 115:9) for that will release them from fear of hostile men and troubled situations.

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Praying God’s Name and Will for Israel

LORD, You promised that Your people would be free of the taunts of the nations. (Will: Ezekiel 34:29) We ask that You reveal hidden agendas. Cause Israel’s leaders to seek Your wisdom that understanding and discernment would be used in dealing with such issues. Your name is Revealer of Secrets. (Name: implied in Jeremiah 33:3)

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Praying God’s Name

May I remember this day how Glorious You are. You are very great, clothed in glory and majesty, wrapped in a robe of light. You have made all things with wisdom. May Your glory be reflected in my life that You may rejoice in Your works. (God’s name found in Psalm 104:31)

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Praying God’s Name

God, Your name is Wisdom. Guide me in making good decisions that I might not suffer bad consequences. (God’s name found in 1 Corinthians 1:24)

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